In news that will surprise nobody, another high-profile actress has added her name to the long list of women that a lecherous Harvey Weinstein propositioned her at a more vulnerable point in her career.

 Lupita Nyong’o, best known for her Oscar-winning performance in her first ever feature film, 12 Years a Slave, has penned a New York Times op-ed revealing her extended harassment at the hands of Weinstein, from the interest he showed in her as an acting student in 2011 to his veiled threats at her final refusal of him.

Nyong’o reveals that early in their acquaintance Weinstein invited her to his house for a screening before—lo and behold—offering her a massage. The young actress, after realizing he wasn’t joking, offered to give him one instead, if only to remain physically in control—“to know exactly where his hands were at all times”—while formulating an escape route. She articulates the confusing boundaries and powerful pressures at the heart of so many of Weinstein’s assaults:

“I didn’t quite know how to process the massage incident. I reasoned that it had been inappropriate and uncalled-for, but not overtly sexual. I was entering into a business where the intimate is often professional and so the lines are blurred. I was in an educational program where I was giving massages to my classmates and colleagues every day. Though the incident with Harvey had made me uncomfortable, I was able to explain and justify it to myself, and shelve it as an awkward moment. His offer to me to be a part of the HBO show was a very attractive one and I was excited about it, especially as I would be graduating in another year. I didn’t know how to proceed without jeopardizing my future. But I knew I would not be accepting any more visits to private spaces with Harvey Weinstein.”

For more information and more access to the full article, visit here.

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