In an effort to not “disrespect” or “bring shame” to HBCUs, students and alumni often stay quiet about the long draining and sometimes ridiculous experiences they have when dealing with their schools’  financial aid departments. There’s been this myth, that if students talk about the way HBCUs handle their financial aid processes, that will bring negative press to their respective universities. But what if it was delivered in a funny and satirical manner? What if, we let people in on the inside joke that are our HBCU financial aid woes? Tevin Scott, has done just that with his new short film The “Real HU”.


A series of tweets with the hashtag #TakebackHU, as well as other protests and campaigns inspired Tevin to create a film that delves into what a lot of students go through at the beginning of each semester, and that’s getting cleared for school.

The “Real HU” dropped on May 22nd and received  thousands of views in its first week. Tevin is really excited about the positive feedback. “While I was writing I had in my mind that it was supposed to be controversial, I thought we were going to get back lash for it”

The 23 minute short follows Reggie Jordan, A senior at Howard University on a quest figure out how to pay off his $4,000 fine so that he can register for classes.

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