Brandon Dean

Photo Credit: Tyshawn Giles

Often referred to as the “Obama of Brighton Alabama,” Brandon Dean is in hopes to becoming the next Mayor in the city’s upcoming August election.

Running for office in Brighton was nowhere in sight on Brandon’s list of goals. Graduating from Howard University with a degree in Political Science, his plan was to become a political finance director. “I wanted to work on national campaigns helping candidates raise money.” After graduation, a series of events led him home and Brandon found himself trying to figure out what would be best for him. Trying to gauge the problems and interests of Brighton’s 3,000 resident strong community, he realized that he could use his talents bring change to his hometown. Brandon told himself that if he found that the residents were serious about wanting transformation in Brighton, that he would put his best foot forward.

Though I was born here, there were so many things that I did not appreciate, that I didn’t understand fully about the people and the circumstances under which they were living.”

Dean says that during his time at HU he served as an ally to leadership and administration, as well as an adversary in challenging them to bring change. “It was representative of my entire career at Howard University, there were many challenges, and there were many places where we disagreed, but ultimately coming out, the appreciation for what Howard University is, is undying…what I bring back to Brighton, so much of it I learned and developed from Howard University.”

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